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  • My name is Daniel. I’m a software engineer from Germany. Currently, I work for Splunk on Security Solutions.

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VS Code, JSON Schema and You

For some reason there is a growing number of applications, frameworks and tools in my professional life that are configured via large JSON structures. Examples include Splunk SOAR Connectors, the Splunk UCC Generator or the all-new Splunk dashboard definitions. Editing these files by hand is error-prone and a little validation goes a long way to improve confidence in edits. ...

November 24, 2022 · dfederschmidt

Improved Python Test Reports in Github Actions

I discovered an interesting little helper for Github Actions that improves developer experience by making tests easier to parse visually. ...

November 22, 2022 · dfederschmidt

What is a Forward Deployed Software Engineer?

My official job title is Forward Deployed Software Engineer (FDSE). When I started in my position two years ago I had little idea what the job description meant. ...

February 14, 2022 · dfederschmidt